Chungbuk Osong Advanced Regenerative Bio Global Innovation Zone Launch Ceremony ... "NKCL Accelerates Domestic Cell Therapy"

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Potential for Growth in the Domestic Cell Therapy Market through the Application of Negative Regulation

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced that on the 21st, it held the "Global Innovation Zone Launch Ceremony" at the Lotte Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, with representatives from local governments, industry-academia-research (IAR) institutions, and special zone companies.


NKCL Bio Group, a company specializing in NK cell therapy research and development, is participating as an 'anchor company' in the Advanced Regenerative Bio Global Innovation Zone project in Osong, Chungbuk. An 'anchor company' is a company that plays a leading role in specific industries or regional projects such as special zones. Typically, it refers to a company with high market share or strong technological and capital capabilities, positively impacting the local community.


This year, the government designated Busan, Gangwon, Chungbuk, and Jeonnam as four global innovation zones. Chungbuk is expected to specialize in the bio sector, with NKCL Bio Group at the forefront as the anchor company.


At the event held at the Lotte Hotel, NKCL Bio Group showcased the 'RK-NKTM ACS I', a single-use NK cell automatic culture system. Additionally, Minister of SMEs and Startups Oh Young-joo and other key guests were introduced to NKCL Bio Group's technological prowess and competitiveness. The 'RK-NKTM ACS I' is an NK cell automatic culture system utilizing robotics, capable of single-use, one-person automatic culture and storage monitored by an AI-driven algorithm.


Shin Dong-hwa, CEO of NKCL Bio Group, who introduced the single-use NK cell automatic culture system, stated, "We plan to contribute to the expansion of the cell therapy market based on the advanced bio NK cell automatic culture system's technological capabilities in the Chungbuk Global Innovation Zone," and emphasized, "We will thoroughly prepare for the necessity of systematizing cell culture and the expansion of the cell culture market."


Kim Myung-kyu, Deputy Governor of Chungbuk, is having a discussion with representatives from local governments, IAR institutions, and special zone companies. Additionally, during a discussion with Kim Myung-kyu and others, CEO Shin emphasized, "To prevent our country from losing its leadership in the bio industry to China in the future, more proactive interest and support from the central government and regulatory relaxation are needed," and added, "When applying regulations, if we subdivide items more meticulously and implement them step by step, sequentially, we can sufficiently eliminate the risks that the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Ministry of Health and Welfare are concerned about."


After reviewing NKCL Bio Group's technology, Minister of SMEs and Startups Oh Young-joo urged, "Please actively engage in the current innovation zone project with the mindset of creating a new history in the challenging bio field."


Meanwhile, the global innovation zones will adopt a 'negative regulation' approach, allowing the demonstration of new technologies in principle as long as they are not prohibited by law, even if standards and specifications are not established. President Yoon Suk-yeol also stated at the Chungcheongbuk-do Livelihood Forum on March 26, "Through regulatory exemptions and financial support, we will enable hospitals and companies in the special zones to use advanced regenerative medicine more freely and quickly for patient treatment."


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