[2023 National Empathy Campaign] R&D Management Category NKCL Bio Group Co., Ltd.

NKCL 2023.08.25 11:00 조회 1826


NKCL Bio Group, which has consistently contributed to the advancement of the bio industry in South Korea, including enhancing the nation’s competitiveness through innovative management activities, has been awarded the 2023 National Empathy Campaign ‘R&D Management’ sector. The group stated that it will continue to vigorously invest in the R&D sector, not only domestically but also in the global market, by focusing on various technology developments utilizing natural killer cells.


Shin Dong-hwa, Chairman of NKCL Bio Group (pictured), expressed, “I am deeply honored to receive this significant award from the reputable newspaper Dong-a Ilbo. Through the development of next-generation cancer treatments utilizing NK cells, which play a crucial role in our immune system, and the establishment of a GMP automated production system for their mass production, we aim to lead the NK cell field in terms of technology and market. We will contribute to enhancing national competitiveness and boosting the growth potential of the Korean economy.”


Furthermore, under the strategy of targeting the global market with a more scalable model for the recently expanded automated cultivation system, the NK Cell 1-person automated cultivation device ‘RK-NKACS’ has received recognition for providing an innovative solution in the field of life sciences. It has already garnered significant attention and positive response both domestically and internationally. As a result, NKCL anticipates that substantial bio sales will be achieved through the ‘RK-NKACS’ in the year 2023.


Chairman Shin Dong-hwa explained, “NKCL Bio Group has reached a level of technological expertise where we can regulate factors such as cell activity tailored to patients, considering the diversity of cancer manifestations, immunosuppressive effects, tumor mutations, and other prominent aspects. This is in contrast to conventional treatment methods.”

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