The 2023 TV Chosun Management Awards won the Grand Prize in the Innovative Management Technology category

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The 2023 TV Chosun Management Awards won the Grand Prize in the Innovative Management Technology category

NKCL Bio Group Inc. (Chairman: Shin Dong-hwa) won the Innovation Management Technology Award at the '10th 2023 TV Chosun Management Awards,' announced on the 2nd, marking their consecutive win for the past two years in the technology innovation category.

This award is a prestigious recognition given to companies and institutions that lead the market through creative innovation, daring challenges, creating new value, and securing a foundation for continuous growth.

Organized by TV Chosun and supported by various national government agencies such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and the Fair Trade Commission, the '10th 2023 TV Chosun Management Awards' honored NKCL Bio Group Inc. with consecutive wins for two years across 13 categories, establishing a leading position in the domestic field of NK cell research and development.

TV Chosun, as the organizer, stated that "NKCL Bio Group was highly evaluated for its contribution to improving corporate management and productivity, as well as significantly contributing to corporate social responsibility through the development of new technologies and the utilization of existing ones."

NKCL Bio Group has devoted significant efforts to domestication through the independent development of essential mediums for NK cell culture and a variety of self-developed products. Typically, to culture NK cells, various culture kits and mediums serving as a 'field' for NK cell cultivation have been predominantly reliant on imports.

To address these issues, NKCL Bio Group strengthened its research team and successfully localized the key raw materials used in the NK cell kits, alongside the mediums essential for NK cell culture, through independent development. Additionally, they directly developed an automatic cultivation system for NK cell cultivation utilizing the NK cell culture kit (Model: RK-NK TM ACS I), significantly enhancing the productivity for NK cell cultivation in the future.

Shin Dong-hwa, the CEO of NKCL Bio Group, stated, "Through the localization of NK cell culture mediums and kits, we were able to reduce raw material costs for NK cell production by up to 90% depending on the product." He emphasized, "We will continue to focus on R&D, aiming to enhance efficiency in NK cell cultivation, enabling mass production systems in the future."

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