NKCL Bio Group Inc. Receives 'Minister of Science and Technology Award'

NKCL 2023.11.08 17:37 조회 1624

KCL Bio Group  Inc. Receives 'Minister of Science and Technology Award'

NKCL Bio Group  Inc. (led by Chairman Shin Dong-hwa) declared on the 2nd that it secured the Minister of Science and ICT Award in the technology innovation category at the '10th 2023 TV Chosun Management Awards'.

NKCL Bio Group  Inc. has been at the forefront of the domestic NK cell market by pioneering the development and application of new technology for Natural Killer cells (NK cells), which identify and eliminate viruses and cancer cells that pose a threat to the human body.

In acknowledgment of these endeavors, NKCL Bio Group was bestowed with the Minister's Award from the Ministry of Science and ICT in the innovation management category.

The organizing body, TV Chosun, remarked, "This accolade singled out companies and organizations with management strategies that propose alterations in industrial trends and trajectories in situations necessitating change and innovation, such as digital transformation. NKCL Bio Group is dedicated to the advancement and utilization of new technologies." They further disclosed the rationale behind the selection, stating, "It was highly esteemed for achieving DX (digital transformation) innovation within the biotech industry through the progression of emerging technologies."

Shin Dong-hwa, Chairman of NKCL Bio Group, articulated, "I firmly believe that digital innovation in the biotech industry will serve as the cornerstone for companies to prepare for the future. The development of an automated incubator (designated as RK-NK TM ACS-I) utilizing the NK cell culture kit will be pivotal in enhancing the sustainability of NKCL Bio Group," he emphasized.
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