NKCL Bio Group signed MOA with Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital for cooperation on Cell Culture.

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NKCL Bio Group Inc. has signed MOA on April 27 with Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital (颐生健骨伤医院) , a hospital affiliated with China-TSRH Association in China, for business cooperation.

In line with the social distancing, the MOA signing was held in the form of real-time video conference, and the number of attendees has reduced to the minimum. 

NKCL Bio Group is a Korean bio-enterprise that researches and develops immune cell therapy using NK cells. The company has excellent technological competitiveness, and Qingdao Orthopedic Hosipital is a general hospital under China-TSRH Association, that combines oriental and western medicine. Qingdao Orthopedic hospital is specialized in orthopedics and has full facilities capable of caring outpatients, treating patients with acupuncture and rehabilitation, and carrying out operations

The main focus of the agreement between the two companies is the joint study on application of immune cell culture technology to the kinetic medicine and anti-aging medicine for cartilage treatment.

As aging accelerates and progresses, the number of degenerative arthritis patients is on the rise. It is estimated that one-third of the senior will suffer from this disease. In the current medical community, cartilage regeneration and recovery through the use of cartilage cells are drawing attention as a major trend. Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital is working with Shandong University, located in Jinan, Shandong Province, to conduct an experiment to convert self-fat stem cells into cartilage cells. With the contribution of NKCL Bio Group's cell culture technology, the cell culture quality and quantity of cartilage cells will be improved. The two companies plan to work together for mass production and commercialization of cartilage cell therapy.

Also, a project to establish an automated culture center facility in Qingdao was proposed. Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa replied, "We will actively consider the proposal and explore concrete measures."

Previously, NKCL Bio group had signed MOA with Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital in the January this year to cooperate in the treatment and operation of NK immune cell treatment. It should be noted that the re-establishment of this agreement was carried out even during the Corona crisis. NKCL Bio Group continuously communicates with its overseas partners. Dong Xiao Kwang, the director of Qingdao Orthopedic Hospital, had showed his intention to visit Korea in person as soon as Corona ends, to watch and learn NKCL Bio Group’s technology.
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