NKCL Bio Group signed MOA with Labelle Clinic of Gwang-ju, Korea, regarding NK Cell Treatment

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NKCL Bio Group and Labelle Clinic of Gwang-ju, Korea, had signed MOA on April 28th, agreeing upon delivering NK cell treatment.


Labelle Clinic has 4 storied building with organized facilities. With director Park Tae-ho, many medical professionals and staff members are working in.

Especially, Labelle Clinic is a registered hospital for foreign patients, making it suitable and ready for global medical market.

NKCL Bio Group’s Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa and Labelle Clinic’s Park Tae-ho had shared visions of NKCL’s technology and its future in global market and discussed potential areas and directions where two parties can promote synergy.

NKCL Bio group continues selecting partners for NK cell treatment and launching products to focus on NKCL Branding.

NKCL Bio Group will launch various Bio-Program that enhances immunity with NK cells. Following NK Rest Brain, NKCL will launch ‘NK Bio Blue Recombination Cream Set’ which has excellent effects on various skin immunity disorders such as atopy and psoriasis, as well as ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’, anti-cancer functional food which contains large amount of Cordycepin, the main ingredient of Cordyceps Militaris. Also, there is ‘NK immune series’ skin-care that enhances immunity of the skin and ‘NK Complete immune compact cushion’ that perfectly covers blemish of the skin. Last but not least, there will be ‘NK DNA Navigator’ that analyze the user’s DNA. On the first half of 2020, 20 different products will be launched for 7 different brands.

In May, the construction of R&D center and the new headquarter is in full swing prior to the relocation. In June and August, the headquarter will be relocated and the GMP automated cultivation system will be completed respectively. Spokesman from NKCL Bio Group had said the company will launch various high-quality products that matches its catch phrase, ‘Personalized Immune Care Platform’ and they expect greater growth at this time when the importance of immunity is being maximized through COVID-19.

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