NKCL Bio Group Inc. launched NK Blue Bio Series (Blue Recombination Cream & Peel Mask)

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NKCL Bio Group has launched and started the sales of NK Blue Bio Cream that is effective on solving various skin problems.

NK Blue Bio Series is composed with Blue Recombination Cream and Peel Mask and it is different from conventional cosmetic products. Normally the dead skin cells are removed first with the peel masks and regeneration is promoted with the cream. However, with NK Blue Bio Series, the cream is used first. When the cream is applied to the skin for one week, the cells are regenerated and the skin is filled from the within and the unhealthy skin cells are pushed out. Then the peel mask removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface and maintains healthy and glossy skin surface.

NK Blue Bio Series suggests a new paradigm of cosmetics from the synergy of NKCL’s NK cell culture technology, natural mineral Blue Powder and Bio-cellulose fermentation technology. NK Blue Bio series contains NK Cell Culture fluid that restores skin elasticity through anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects of NK cells, and shows excellent effects on wrinkle improvement as well as on solving skin troubles such as acne and atopy. NK Blue Bio Series also contains Blue Powder, which is a powerful anti-oxidant made from natural minerals. When applied on the skin, the anti-oxidation effects promote activation of young skin cells. Lastly, Bio-Cellulose, the material listed in U.S. Pharmacopeia, supplements the drawbacks of natural minerals. It perfectly adheres to the skins to deliver the active ingredient deep into the skin and quickly removes the dead skin cells.

Blue Powder is developed by the late Dr. Jonggyu Kim, who earned Ph.D. in engineering in Technical University of Munich and worked at “CIBA-GEIGY”, a Swiss research lab for 23 years. It is a substance listed in ICID(International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary), which promotes anti-oxidation and blood circulation. A lactic acid bacterium is fermented on the Rare-Earth Elements minerals such as germanium, holmium, zirconium, selenium yttrium and magnesium. Its blue energy promote vitality to a dull and inelastic skin.

Bio-cellulose contained in NK Blue Bio Series has 3-dimensional reticular structure so that it can hold moisture that is 200 times larger than its own volume. Water HugCell is Dried Bio Cellulose ground to micro-sized particles. It is in translucent gel form with high stability. During Cleansing, the Water Hugcell separate impurities and help the skin stay hydrated by creating a skin protection layer. Also, Shuttle Drug Delivery method is applied, which is a component delivery system developed from liposome. It absorbs active ingredients like a sponge and protects the skin while pushing the active ingredients deep into the skin from the outside.

The major active ingredients in action are Niacinamide and Adenosine, which have whitening and wrinkle improvement effects. Niacinamide, the vitamin B complex crucial for body, is listed by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a whitening ingredient. It enhances skin whitening by suppressing the movement of melanin pigment responsible for freckles and blemish and restraining the pigmentation of the epidermis. Adenosine is also listed by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, as a wrinkle suppressing ingredient. It is a natural extract that directly participate in cell growth and mitosis. Adenosine helps on increasing collagen and elastin in the skin and facilitates the cell regeneration in dermal layer, making it effective for wrinkle suppression.

With NK Blue Bio Program, the users will experience the smooth and bright skin as the dead skins are slowly removed. Anti-oxidation effect of Blue Energy will moisture and re-organize the skin. Many NKCL users had already experienced significant changes in their troubled skin after using NK Blue Cream. Many had been suffering from chronic skin diseases such as Atopy, Athlete’s Foot, Psoriasis, and Shingles. While the steroids, oral medication and ointment could not improve the conditions, after applying NK Blue Cream on the affected areas, the users had experienced noticeable improvements within 1~3 weeks.

Following NK Blue Bio Series, NKCL Bio Group will continue to launch various Immune enhancing retail items. NKCL will launch ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’, anti-cancer functional food which contains large amount of Cordycepin, the main ingredient of Cordyceps militaris. Also, there is ‘NK immune series’, skin-care products that enhances immunity of the skin and ‘NK Complete immune compact cushion’ that perfectly covers blemish of the skin. Lastly, there will be ‘NK DNA Navigator’ that analyze the user’s DNA to forecast possible diseases.

In addition to launching the products, NKCL Bio Group currently constructing 1,200 sqm scale GMP Automated NK cell cultivation system in Dongtan, Kyung-ki, Korea. The construction is heading near the end. In order to prepare for the Automated Cultivation system and lay a foundation, NKCL had moved its headquarters first and started the business support. The automated system is currently being built from the outside and will be assembled on the site according to the plan. About 70 percent of the processes had finished.

In this time of COVID-19 crisis, the importance of the immunity is highly emphasized. NKCL is leading the mass popularization of ‘Personalized Immune Care Platform’ through Automated Immune Cell Cultivation center, product launch, and MOU with hospitals.