NKCL Bio Group has won Grand Prize in ‘2022 Korea’s Influential CEO - Innovative Management Bio Sector’

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On the 9th, NKCL Bio Group Inc.’s Chairman Dong-Hwa Shin has won the grand prize in the ‘2022 Korea’s Influential CEO- Innovative Management Bio Sector’ hosted by TV Chosun and Digital Chosun Ilbo.


The '2022 Korea's Influential CEO' is awarded among the CEOs of companies and institutions during the year to those who played a major role in the development of each industry and economy through rigorous screening by industry-academic experts and consumer research.

NKCL Bio Group’s Chairman Dong-hwa Shin advanced the standard system in the innovative management bio sector and reflected the changes in the NK cell and anti-cancer drug market in advance to strengthen the quality competitiveness of NK cell therapy products, and to lead the innovation management and bio sector for one year, highly evaluated received.


NKCL Bio Group’s Chairman Dong-Hwa Shin has been highly evaluated that he has been leading the innovation management and bio fields for one year in the way that he has advanced the standard system in the innovative management bio sector, strengthened the quality competitiveness of NK cell therapy products by pre-reflecting up to date changes in the NK cell and anticancer drug market.


In addition, Chairman Dong-hwa Shin said, “Although overall industrial activities have been stagnant due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic bio industry achieved high export performance, due to the highlighted importance of vaccines that can protect against the pandemic that threatens humanity, increased consignment production of biopharmaceuticals, and domestic biosimilar business, expanding its global market share,” he said.

“In the near future, the portion of cell culture technology in the bio industry will further expand.” he added.


On the other hand, NKCL Bio Group Inc. is a bio company that researches and develops NK immune cell therapy based on NK cells and applies GMP mass production technology, and provides a ‘Personalized Immune Care Platform’ service.


NK cells are cells in charge of the immune system in our body and maximize the ability to kill cancer cells. NK cells are recognized for its importance as interest in immunity has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to the Korea Biotechnology Association, it is known that 60% of all cancer treatment clinical trials are cell-based immunotherapy clinical trials. As the development of immunotherapy drugs is in full swing, investment in manufacturing plant facilities for commercialization of pharmaceuticals is also expanding.


Accordingly, NKCL is equipped with global-level manufacturing facilities, such as expanding production facilities for NK cell therapy products that require advanced technology and building a GMP facility capable of mass culture, and increasing technological perfection through patent applications related to NK cells.

In addition, in Korea, other than NKCL Bio Group, ▲ NK Max ▲ Box Cell Bio ▲ SMT Bio ▲ CHA Biotech ▲ Immunis Bio ▲ HK Innoen are also focusing on the development of NK cell-based immune anticancer drugs, and investment has been actively made.

The reason why various companies have jumped into the cell/therapeutic field is that, as promising domestic bio ventures have the ability to develop cell/gene therapy, the possibility of developing new domestic blockbuster drugs is gradually increasing.


According to the global market report TBRC data, the global cell-based immunotherapy market is expected to grow by 17.0% from $60.32 billion (76.4 trillion won) in 2021 to $70.59 billion (89 trillion won) in 2022.


Meanwhile, at the '2022 Korea's Influential CEO' awards ceremony, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, Starbucks Korea CEO Song Ho-seop (sustainability management) and Genesis BBQ Group Chairman Yoon Hong-geun (global management) won the awards for the second consecutive year, with a new award in 2022. In the new award group for 2022, Lee Seok-woo, CEO of Dunamu (4th industry management sector), and Shin Dong-hwa, chairman of NKCL Bio Group Inc. (innovative management sector) were named together with the award.

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