What makes NKCL so revolutionary?

NKCL had been researching patient-centered NK Cell Treatment to provide Personalized Immune Care Platform effective for each individual.
Introducing NKCL's competitive edge.

1Cultivation technology proven by number of NK cells acquired

NK cells are difficult to cultivate compared to other immune cells. In a conventional method, 200~400 million cells are grown per each cultivation. However, NKCL had dramatically increased the number of cells to 2~4 billion per cultivation. 

Each cultivation has its own optimal environment needed for the cells to grow effectively. NKCL has constructed database of 12 different optimal recipe to yield number of cells 10 times higher than existing methods can produce.

NK Cell


2Target treatment

In general, when NK cells are administered for cancer treatment, only 10 to 20% of them actually attack the cancer cells. Other NK cells are dispersed to attack other non-lethal diseases. NKCL had developed technology to direct more than 70% of NK cells to attack specific cancers that are lethal. It maximizes the treatment effect by intensively attack the targeted cancer cells. 

Target therapy


3Automated Cultivation System with Artificial Intelligence

As with many medicines and cure for diseases, the biggest drawbacks for the treatments are the costs. The existing NK cell practices enables only 3 patients to be treated by one researcher. NKCL developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that finds by itself an optimized environment for cell cultivation. With know-how taught to a machine, the productivity has increased by 100 times where one researcher can treat 300 patients. NKCL is promoting popularization and mass-production of NK Cell Treatment. 

Automation system combined with artificial intelligence


4Manufacturing process of immune cell treatment

60cc of blood is collected from the patient. NK cells are then extracted and grown in the cultivation center. After a sufficient number of cells attained that are enough to attack cancer cells, NK cells are injected into patient’s body. The treatment is simple and cause less burden on patient’s body.

Manufacturing process of immune cell therapy


5NKCL treatment features
  • The reduced burden on patient with a simple blood collection
  • Patient-centered personalized cell culture
  • High activation that maximizes cancer cell killing power
  • Minimized side effects by using autologous cells
  • Preventing recurrence and metastasis of cancer
  • Synergy effect when combined with other standard treatments
  • Enhancement of immunity
  • Simple treatment and high treatment effectiveness
  • Effective against various diseases such as cancer, immune disease, inflammation and pain


6Research field using NK cells
  • If the balance of the immune system is not normal, there is a high probability of developing various diseases.
  • As NK cells become weaker, they are more vulnerable to external infections and difficult to balance immunity.
  • As NK cells not only have anti-cancer effects but also help maintain a normal immune system, NK cell research is being actively conducted in various fields.

Research field using NK cells