JTC Group of Companies visited NKCL Bio Group Inc. Headquarters

NKCL 2022.06.28 13:16 조회 76


On June 28, the 'JTC Group of Companies ' visited NKCL Bio Group.

NKCL Biogroup has explained its technological competitiveness of NK cell therapy, which is spotlighted as a next-generation anticancer treatment, to the 'JTC Group of Companies', and shared the future vision regarding the growth of immunotherapy, which is expected to account for 40% of the total anticancer treatment market by 2022.

Dr. Jaime Cruz and a total of 7 visiting groups discussed the establishment of an anti-aging center, establishment of an NK cell therapy center, and collaboration with the Manila Beauty Center in the Philippines for an anti-aging program using 100% NK cell culture medium.

Jaime Cruz of 'JTC Group of Companies' runs a famous franchise equivalent to McDonald's in the Philippines called 'Jollibee', and has succeeded in many global franchise businesses. He is also the former doctor of President Duterte of the Philippines.
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