NKCL Bio Group to open “NK Immune Cafe” on 70 locations in Korea, to lead the immune care market.

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As a company that researches immune cell therapy using NK immune cells, NKCL Bio Group targets the $100 billion Immune cell therapy market through its differentiated technological competitiveness. It is leading the mass production and popularization of NK Immune Cell and products through a GMP certified automated culture system using artificial intelligence.


NKCL Bio Group Co., Ltd. is taking a leap to solidify its brand position by responding to a new paradigm, expanding new channels, and strengthening product power through raw material research. It naturally melts into customers and provides information on immunity essential to viruses such as corona and external environmental factors, and provides a more intuitive and diverse quality service through direct experience through the product experience center.


In addition, it is planning a service that takes one step closer to customers through various methods of road shops and shop-in-shops nationwide. Inquiries about the establishment of distributors are increasing day by day from all over the country. More than 70 applications for the opening of the shop have already been received. Establishing a distributer gives exclusive distributor rights. The company is striving to select regional areas centering on core commercial areas. Gangnam, Songpa, Seocho, Jamsil, and Gwangju are showing fierce competition to preoccupy each other.


The distributors will be able to communicate with more customers and help on enhancing their health by opening road shops that allow people to experience NKCL brand products. Customers can experience various products that enhances innate immunity of the body. These include cosmetic product lines that enhances the immunity of the skin, functional food product that has anti-cancer effect and brain relaxing product that stabilizes the brainwave. The company plans to effectively expand the contact point with consumers using offline stores.


The customer will naturally access various immune boosting products through shop-in-shop and get consultation on their health and immunity.


As a representative of Korea's immune brand, we are constantly researching and developing products that reflect the Immune lifestyle that can enhance immunity in everyday life, considering the convenience of customers.

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