Chairman Shin Dong-Hwa is invited to Hong Kong's Asia Digital Economy Industry Summit (ADES)

NKCL 2020.02.11 17:16 조회 549


GK Global Group Chairman Dong-Hwa Shin attended the Asia Digital Economy Industry Summit (ADES) hosted by Hong Kong's Asian Television (aTV) to meet with the world's top IT industry leaders and he had time to announce the theme. The ADES, held in Hong Kong on September 19, was a summit of digital currency and blockchain leaders and experts, and more than 150 stations were on the day.


At this seat, Chairman Dong-Hwa Shin was introduced GK Global's three business projects: JGX (JGX's powerful G-Plex platform payment coin), GX-EX (GX Exchange, 

a global exchange open in more than six countries), NKCL (Immune Care Platform Using Immune Cell Therapeutic Agents). and the leaders of blockchain experts around the world responded with hot interest and time for questions and answers over an hour.


In particular, NKCL, a new business launched by GK Global Group, is expected to lead the next generation medical big data industry as a cutting-edge business combining the bio-industry and the blockchain industry, and to establish a new paradigm in the new business area.


GK Global Group Chairman Dong-Hwa Shin said, “Currently, we have completed discussions on the business plan for listing GK Global projects on mainboards in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the UK.” Revealed the aspiration to go.



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